Thursday, March 24, 2011

wear a smile

Thai people so famous for their smiles, even if you are not Thai join us this evening for a smile festival! There's a oriental noodle salad to start with, followed by a thai curry, and a fragrant carrot ginger cake, maybe with custard, or orange frosting, not sure yet :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

mighty minty lighty

Feeling fresh, or missing freshness? Nothing more uplifting then some fresh mint, add it to your tea, bath, chew on it, hang it in your closet, take a bunch and mix it in your pasta! Tonight southern explosion, pasta with capers, feta, black olives and guess what, some mint :-), Aubergine rolls as a starter.
Minty goodness, c you this evening xxx

Friday, March 11, 2011

sweden call

This morning we got a call from Sweden, the first bears have been spotted wandering around the big warehouse in Skelleftea, official sign that the winter is over, according to the Swedes.
Our menu tonight is still rather wintery though. Starting with a mushroom cream taartlet, served with a salad, and you can have a beer with it, great combination! Then there is a yellow curry with some Thai rice as a main course, followed by a lemon curd pie. A menu as sureal as the winter end announcement :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

fill me up scotty

Usually I write a post somehow related to the maindish that I will make, but I will make an exeption to the rule, as I already wrote a very nice post about Spanakopita, some months ago. Not that I couldn't get inspired about greek love again :-)
So as you already know the main dish is Spanakopita, with a lovely luke potato salad, but a starter is none less exiting, I will fill some mushrooms, probably with dates, some olives and mint possibly, very fragrant and succulent, served with  some steamed marinated cauliflower. Please do not forget to reserve, there are few spaces left.