Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of the year

Dear Our House friends, we are leaving tomorrow on a holiday, Our House will be closed till 6thof january !
We wish you all a merry x-mas and a happy new year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

fa caldo

Tonight we are serving a vegetarian take on a Sicilian fishy spaghetti , without the fish off course. I'm making farfalle with saffron, capers, celery and raisins, surprising combination that results in a magically synchronised sweet, salty and sour flavour.
Join us for some Sicilian heat!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Alpine Dream

 Spencer Tunick

Last night we had some friends over that run a hotel in French Alps, talking about skiing, snow and all the pleasures and sorrows that a winter holiday can bring, altogether a very pleasant evening. My bad experience of walking down the slope with the skis on my shoulder couple of years ago, convinced me that skiing was invented for some other sort of people, who have, to me, incomprehensible urge of racing down the slopes faster then the average speed of a race car, bringing their and my life in danger. So I thought I will just stay away from those slopes, there are enough trees and innocent enthusiast that believe they will get infected by the same bug and next winter be the danger to others.
Not that I'm really a snow and winter lover, but there is something romantic and idyllic in staying inside of a chalet, warmed up, enjoying the hot chocolate, and browsing through Architectural Digest waiting for my man to return from the icy life threatening slopes.And if there would be a steaming hot outside pool, and a sauna, I would maybe even consider a ski holiday again once in my life.


Inspired by all this Alpine talk the choice fell on a Swiss recipe, noodles with mushrooms and savoy cabbage,  in a light white wine sauce, and served with some cherry tomatoes and plenty of smoked cheese. 
Join us for some Alpine dreaming!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

bean necessity

Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate

All the snow outside reflecting the light, makes everything look so much brighter, bigger and more spacious.
Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate is constructed of highly polished stainless steal plates that reflect and distort the city's skyline. It was constructed between 2004 and 2006 in Chicago, and became one of the city's most prominent landmarks. Even though Kapoor's design was inspired by liquid mercury, it is popularly known as a Bean,  because of its bean like shape.
This evening we will be serving a heart warming bean casserole with ginger and lemon, on the side some grilled polenta cakes, and a beetroot, onion salad. Nothing distorting and reflective about it but still perfect for this perfect winter day :-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

dogs, horses, and sweet californication

hello everybody,

this evening we are having an exhibition opening of a photographer Fabian Batistella, from 7pm, you are more then welcome for a glass of bubbles!
Due to the opening the kitchen will be closed this evening. Tomorrow we are back on our old scheadule!
c u this evening!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

our house is today exceptionally closed. Our apologies

Sunday, November 14, 2010

silly billy and a young intruder


There was something strange in the air yesterday, besides all the gallons of rain, somehow everybody seamed to be slightly out of focus, and the communication was everything but working. It also seemed to be a day that lasted three days, even though nothing got done. Nevertheless we survived all in the future street and are embracing the day. 
In our neighbors backyard there is a huge tree, last two days there's been a single bird sitting almost on top of it, same spot, two days long, seemed she's been observing me, and I've been observing her. Do birds usually sit on a tree when the rain pours down or they look for a shelter? This morning the bird is gone.
Nono's works are gone, the walls look empty and deserted, in two weeks we have another artist, you'll all be informed on time to join us for the opening. 
The photograph above is by Amy Stein, I will ask her if she wants to exhibit at Our House :-) not sure what  she will think about that but you never know, i will use my charm :-)
Bla bla bla, and finally tonight there are Penne with all sorts of things, olives, capers, mint, feta etc. :-) join us!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Om gung Ganapataye naivedye svaha

One of the ways to offer Ganesha is to make him an offering, that can be food, but also water, flowers, incense.
Sandalwood malas are especially pleasing to Ganesha. A mala is a string of beads used when saying prayers or mantras.It has 108 regular beads and one specal larger bead know as the guru bead that lets you know when you've finished the cycle .
Ganesha is  the Lord of Obstacles, both of a material and spiritual order. He is popularly worshipped as a remover of obstacles, though traditionally he also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked.
No obstacles  in Our House tonight, only an Indian feast, join us for Lentils-coconut dahl, some flavoursome Byriani and deep fried cauliflower, there will be soup and a rich chocolate cake as well :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

destructive love

Even though Idaho is a remote place, that doesn't really say much to us Europeans, there is something irresistibly  romantic, melancholic and mysterious in its name and the vast plains. Such a picture of this far away American state has surely been shaped by the 90's  Gus Van Sant's cult film, where the love and friendship are overlapping in the story about two young male prostitutes, impersonated by young Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix.
On October 31st 1993  Phoenix died from an overdose in front of an LA club, he was one of the most promising young actors in Hollywood at the time. His role in My Own Private Idaho and the tender scenes with Keanu Reeves helped ratify Phoenix's status as a gay icon. In two days it will be 17 years after River died.
Idaho is also famous for potatoes, one third of the potatoes consumed in America come from that state. Our potatoes are coming from Belgium, and we will make today potato cakes with melted goat cheese, lentils dahl and cucumber raita.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

a new project?

The knitting has been quite popular lately, they do it on trains, sundays, evenings, before the shows,  parties, while walking a dog, or watching after their herd of sheep. I guess it is finally cool to knit, even though the children in the sweatshops in India and China might think different. Next time you fall off your feet in one of those stores that sell 100% cashmere sweaters for 29.99 that are so hard to resist, try to think who in the production chain got screwed up and why not take up knitting yourself. I know you don't have time, but while you are looking after your sheep you can easily finish up the whole front of the sweater and half of the sleeve :-)
There is a great project that I discovered couple a days ago through a friend, called urban knitting, it is just amazing what they all created, go and have a look ! 
Love the idea og making this world a more pleasant place trough such an old craft.
All this knitting intro leads to Our House menu for today, it is a Shephards Pie, we had it on the menu couple of months ago and the reactions were more then positive, so it is the time for a second edition. I discovered that they make a very similar dish in the Middle East, so the one of today will be a slightly oriental version with possibly some mint and we'll see what else.
See you this evening!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

old man and a savoy cabbage

So catering is behind our back, people were happy with all the cup cakes, there were some ricotta rolls, carrot ginger soup and coconut cake and lots of kids :-), colourful and cheerful in every sense.
To balance it out, because it is all about the balance isn't it? I thought let's make tonight something completely different, my cook book says it is a rustic oven dish, something I could imagine this old man on the picture would appreciate a lot. Basically it is a pasta mixed with savoy cabbage,  cherry tomatoes, potatoes and ricotta, all baked in the oven under a layer of mozzarella and parmigiano. I think it will be super delicious and perfect for a day like this. We have couple of tables already reserved for this evening but there is still some place, take care!

Friday, October 22, 2010

out of house

Hi dear friends! Our House is today on 22nd of October exceptionally closed, we took on a catering for tomorrow and we have to make around 1000 snacks , halleluia :-)

thx for understanding we are tomorrow back on our usual scheadule, cheers!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

warming up

yes I've been lazy and out of focus last week, only one single post, not worth mentioning, even my moustache project has failed which doesn't mean I won't try again . Only excuse I have is called Croatian Distraction, my little sis had been visiting and we had a great time together, talking, walking, shopping... and she was a great help in Our House as well.
Anyway, she is gone, and two of us are all warmed up for the new week, we will try to look a bit more decent then the two gentlemen on the photograph :-)
You wouldn't believe it but I even know what is on the menu tomorrow, I'm preparing already an Our House classic by now, and that is Chili sin Carne, the ones who haven't tried it yet please do not hesitate, the heath of the chillies is just perfect for these chilly evenings, i guarantee you that you'll get warmed up :-)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

house of fools

I just realised that I posted a week ago that we will be closed till 30.10. shame on me ! So not true, and in the mean time I edited the post to avoid further confusion. I guess I desired a real holiday and not only a weekend, but listen weekend was great as well :-)
This evening I'm making a potato/tomato tortilla, with kidney beans baked in the oven and a coleslaw. Different textures, different colours, just different :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

love and order

This morning I shaved of my beard, and decided I'm going to grow a moustache this week. As some of the most impressive examples of this token of masculinity are to be found on the Indian subcontinent, I concluded that this has to have something to do with the hot curries these hot men eat :-)
So, join us for a hot heart warming curry this evening and see who's mustache will grow faster and stronger !

Thursday, September 30, 2010

sexy season open soup

We are back open, and the soup season has begun. Outside is rainy but we feel sexy! So many reasons to feel happy :-)
All this rain is great for mushrooms , not tha I went pickin any, but if you are in a romantic mood lets pretend that I did. So, I will make a pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce! During the day you can pop in for a hot plate of leek soup, maybe with some barley, I still need to decide on that :-)
Anyway, Our House is happy to be there for you again, welcome!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

kick off

Today we are leaving on a well deserved break, Our House has been doing so great thanks to the enthousiasm of all of you. We will be back next week! Holiday!!!!

OUR HOUSE will be closed from 23.09. till  26.09.

BACK OPEN on 30.09. !!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

heart beat

Little pasta rolls, that can be filled with various fillings are called Canelloni, translated large reeds. You can fill them with all sort of stuff, very common ones are spinach with ricotta, in which case they are usually topped with a tomato sauce, or if they are filled with with a ragu sauce then they are topped with a bechamel sauce. In any case delicious.
Besides the anti-cancer properties that are associated with Brocolli, consumption of this vegetable has also been shown to  be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. Luckily road to Our House is just straight so you shouldn't have trouble finding us to try a meal that will make your heart beat faster.
This evening I will prepare Canelloni filled with Brocolli, walnuts and ricotta cheese, finished off in the oven under a layer of tomato sauce.

Friday, September 10, 2010

turning red

Borscht is a classis russian/ukranian soup made of beetroot. Beautiful deep red colour. Have you ever tried a beetroot humus? No? Me neither :-) come over and tell us what you think. Beetroot humus is just a side dish tonight, but it will make the biggest visual impact on your plate. We are serving pancakes filled with courgette and mushrooms, some couscous and beetroot humus, come and join us!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

second opinion

I haven't been feeling that well last couple of days, forgot how having a cold can be exhausting. Anyway I'm on my way to recovery and feeling already a lot better then a day or two ago. We had a plan B for tonight in case I wasn't ready to cook, Jos would have cooked a meal that he likes very much, and our dear friend would help him serve. At the end I will stand in the kitchen, but will still make the dish that Jos planed to make. It is an unusual but super delicious pasta, that he introduced to me at the beginning of our relationship. At that time we were still meat eaters, and one of the ingredients were meat balls. Basically it is a pasta with a creamy sauce,made of grated courgettes, grain mustard and lots of chopped parsley, to substitute the meat balls I thought of some nuts, to add the texture. It is an unbelievably delicious dish!
Having a soul mate, life companion, husband or however you prefer to call it is a great thing!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

maggie eggy

Many of you probably didn't know that the infamous United Kingdom's long ruling PM, Maggie Thatcher followed a rigorous diet of 28 eggs a week just before her 1979 election, determined to loose 28lbs in just two weeks and look her best on the big day.Famous for her iron will there is no doubt lady T resisted all the food not listed. According to the Sun, (what a source :-)), there are even notes published on the net from that period of Maggie's life.
What has Maggie to do with Our House? Not much except that we are also making some eggs today. Actually a potato tortilla, and a heart warming kidney bean casserole.With such a high intake of protein you might as well loose a pound of two this evening :-)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

pride and prejudice

Jane Austin's novel has been first written in 1796 under the title First Impressions, but it hasn't got published till 1813, after being retitled to Pride and Prejudice. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education and marriage in the society of early 19th century England. Elizabeth is the second eldest of five daughters of a country gentleman landed in the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire, not far from London.
About the same time, around 1791, the term cottage pie  has been introduced, describing an English pie made of minced meat and vegetables covered with a crust of mashed potatoes. It was the period when potato was being introduced as an edible crop affordable for the poor ( cottage referring to the typical housing of rural workers).
Our English fellas are proud of their heritage and cuisine often not understood and laughed at by their continental counterparts, but Cottage Pie or more widely known as Shepherd's Pie is one of those simple dishes that are just impossible no to like.
So leave your prejudices at home and come and try our vegetarian version, as delicious as the original one. For our Vegan friends, the pie is completely dairy and egg free, behalf the cheese topping, so that's a minor detail I will be more then happy to leave out for you. Please mention while reserving that you would like a vegan version. Till later!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

egyptian walk

In 1954, Yolanda Christina Gigliotti, better known as Dalida was crowned miss Egypt, shortly after she moved to France where she built an outstanding career as a singer, trying to pursue a career in acting as well, but the results were not that impressive. At the beginning of her career she named herself Dalila, after a biblical character, but was advised to change her name into a more common Dalida.

Our House will be serving tonight cold courgette, filled with tomatoes, peppers, capers and marinated in red wine vinegar and fresh herbs, accompanied by flavoursome Egyptian rice with lentils and fried onions, all finished off with some grilled pita bread and goat cheese spread.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new opening hours

Hello everybody,
after two months there was a time for an evaluation, from now on we'll be open from 2 pm, and the food will be served only in the evening, after 6pm. So during the day you are more then welcome for a drink , cake and coffee...
There will be another post later this morning about the evening menu. We are almost fully booked, but we can still squeeze a person or two in.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

snow food

Cauliflower is highly rich on vitamine C and also contains substances which may improve the liver's ability to detoxify carcinogenic substances. So the story of the prince is just pure Disney, our lovely Snow white must have had lots of cauliflower as a child, and that's why no poison could harm her, I'm sure!
Traditional varieties of cauliflower include 'Snowball', 'Hybrid White', 'Super Snowball', 'Snow Crown', 'Mayflower', Candid Charm', 'Mormon', 'Agrahani', 'poushi', 'maghi', 'Snow White', 'Snow Grace'.
You must guess by now for sure, I'll be preparing this evening Cauliflower beignettes, served with nutty Pilav and roasted vegetables. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The story of the Tower of Babel where all the people of the world come together to build a giant tower that would reach the heaven is for me, personally one of the most outlandish and compelling stories that I read in the Bible. God, seeing this tower as a dedication to worship the kingdom of man rather than His own, afraid that united we could reach any goal, confused the languages of the people and scattered them across the planet, thereby creating the multitude of cultures that exist today.
In my opinion the wealth that we shall nourish and cherish, and use as an inspiration, but at the same time should remember what Aesop taught us United we stand, divided we fall.
Our House is serving today small vegetable towers, made up of stacked grilled aubergine, paprika and fennel, with layers of cheese in between them, there will be a fragrant lentils salad with it and some tabbouleh.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

happy birthday!

Our House is tonight closed for the public, our dear friend is having a birthday party dinner, so the place is full.
Tomorrow we are back on a normal scheadule.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Basta Pasta? or an Angry Inch

Sometimes you just need to stay still for a second and think what next? Well it is exactlly how i feel today, so we are keeping it simple and clean ;-)
I will be making an italian classis , Penne all'arrabiata, moisty red tomatoes, "slightly" spicey from crushed chilli flakes, fragrant from fresh basil poured over my personal favourite penne rigate, about an inch (hence the title) long cylinder shaped pasta. All' arrabiata in free translation meaning something like angry style, I guess you look angry from the heat of the chilly or something, go figure!
And the movie, it all about how much a man is willing to give up for a love! About a couple of inches? Great movie btw.

Friday, August 20, 2010

fabulous americana

We are feeling a bit american today, and what is more american then a burger. Let me be clear, a burger in a wide sense of word of course :-) I'll be making some kidney beans/mushroom burgers, some super fresh home made aioli, roasted vegetables and i guess something grainy to go with, not sure yet what exactly :-)
Yes and a Feeling Good is a perfect song to start your day, try it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

greek love

Inspired by a lovely dinner we had on tuesday night at Geert&Geert where we spent a greek tinted evening, I thought it's the time at Our House also for a greek classic Spanakopita. Spanakopita is a sort of pie made out of filo pastry, filled with a mix of spinach and feta, they go so well together in any sort of dish. We'll be serving it with a cold potato salad wit red onions, capers and black olives.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

back to the roots

We played as kids, as many other kids I guess, cowboys and indians. I never wanted to be a cowboy, I found them a bit too ordinary, indians were much more fun, they always had more special horses, had long black hair and often wore nothing on top, or if they did it was often something with fringes.
My mother was addicted to Karl May as young girl, but she was more of a cowboy's girl, she had bunch of books on Winnetou and Buffalo Bill, they became my favourite read too, so in our cowboy games I was very well informed .
During the sixties, there were made more then dozen films on Winnetou, they were filmed in different parts of Croatia, some of them in the area where my mother comes from, close to Plitvice lakes. So when we were visiting my grandmother's house that was on the river Korana, down in the canyon, me and my cousins had a perfect film setting for our cowboy/indian games.

On those summer days, between the swimm in the river and running around bushes with chicken feathers in my hair, we often ate punjena paprika, meaning Stuffed Peppers , prepared by my grandmother. It was always served with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce.
I'm making today Stuffed Peppers and polenta cakes, remembering all the Indians that I hoped one day to become.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

héroes del ring

photo David Gremard Romero

Lucha libre, meaning free wrestling, is a term used in Mexico and other spanish speaking countries. It is characterized by colourful masks that the wrestles are wearing and fast movements. Masks have been used dating back to the beginnings of lucha libre in the early part of the 20th century and have a historical significance to Mexico in general dating to the days of the Aztesc.
Luchadores are traditionally divided into two categories, rudos, which are the bad guys,and técnicos, the good guys.
There is another thing coming from Mexico, hot chili, there are too versions of it, Chili con Carne, and Chili sin Carne. Naturally we'll be serving today the second one, with some rice, nachos, salad and sour cream, to reduce the heat on your faces, because delivery of the masks we ordered for you got stuck in China.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

i know where the summer goes

photography Ryan McGinley

if Our House would be on the boat, we could all take it and sail away following the summer. Strongest summer memories, the ones that we were not kids anymore, and just not yet adults. Exploring the freedom, dreaming of future, when everything seemed easy and nothing could scare us.
Barchette di zucchini ripieni is a classis italian dish usualy stuffed with minced meat and cheese, it literally translates small boats stuffed courgettes, hint the resemblence of a halfed courgette to a small boat ;-) I will be stuffing them with tofu, lentils,mushrooms, nuts, peppers and mix of italian cheeses, yes and there will be some rice with it. You could basically stuff it with anything as long as it makes you happy :-)
You should check the site of Ryan McGinley, his work is everything i love about photography, and yes, I stole the title of today's post from a title of his exhibition too.

freshly ironed

image by Mjolk

ricotta, soft italian cheese with its delicate flavour and creamy consistency is a perfect match to any dishes made with spinach , if you add some walnuts you get a classic italian combo. So I'm making today a pasta with fresh ricotta cheese, mushrooms and steamed spinach. Super delicious and highly nutritious!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

just flying to say hello

Somehow reports on seen flying saucers always flood in on a cloudy days like this. Nothing remarkable about that, they probably just prefer cloudy weather to the sunny one, right?
Talking about saucers, did you know that Curry is derived from the Tamil word கறி kari, meaning 'sauce, so basically, what I will be making today is a warm vegetarian sauce :-) to warm you up on a rainy day like this. You can choose from rice noodles or a bowl of basmati rice to have it served with.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

mushroom head

When using dry shi take mushrooms, after you soaked them in warm water, and they softened up , you should remove the stems, because they usually stay chewy and not that nice to eat. The mushroom heads you should chop as the taste is quite aromatic and could be slightly overwhelming if you have a big chunk in your mouth. I'm marinating tofu in rice wine and dark soy sauce, and then stir frying it together with shi takes and baby okras. The dark, aromatic mix is served over the translucent rice noodles and garnished with basil leaves.

Friday, August 6, 2010

uova di bufala

Bocconcini, or sometimes called ouva di bufala, because of their resemblence to boiled eggs, are small round pieces of semi soft cheese made out of waterbuffalo's milk. Today there is a pasta on the menu, with roasted cherry tomatoes, tapenade and bocconcini, that slowly melt on top.
Please don't forget to make a reservation, by mail, or callin Jos.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

what's another layer?

Today on the menu, Vegetarian lasagna, under the each layer you will discover a different vegetable filling! Each one is prepared separately to hit your taste buds one at a time!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

rolled up

Good morning!
I would like to apologise for not posting yesterday, but, organisation wise, it had been somehow a hectic day, food was nevertheless delicious :-). I promise to repeat it in the near future for all the ones who missed it. Today I will be preparing some wraps filled with vegetables and kidney beans, finished under the layer of sour cream and baked in the oven. A bit like burittos but then a different spice pallete. As the summer is still strong and kicking, I thought why not suggest a styling tip for this evening ( see the image above). All the ones who come for dinner with rolled up pants get a free mojito!
So guys, roll it up!

Friday, July 30, 2010

wash your sins

today I made samosas north indian style, including potatoes and peas, served with mushrooms in coco milk, and cucumber raita, typical indian condiment based on yoghurt served with spicy dishes.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

levantese rising

hi there, we are back :-)
begining of the week we are starting with a levantese feast, I will prepare some crunchy falafel, served with salad, baba ganoush and crispy pitta bread. All the ingridients and dishes of today are associated with Levant, historical name for the countries of West Asia, including todays Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and southern Turkey. Levant comes from latin, meaning rising, describing the countries where the sun rises, oposite to term Maghreb, describing the countries where the sun goes down, used for countries of West Africa. World used to be so small :-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's your choice

today I'm making a couple of different quiches, they are all vegetarian , you can choose as long as there still is a choice, so hurry up!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

perfect mix

Hi everybody, few announcements to make! As you might already know we are holding an exhibition opening this afternoon, from 2pm till 6pm. There will be a welcome drink and some small vegetarian rolls to keep you going till the evening. During the opening we will not serve meals, but you can order food till 2 or after 6.
There will also be a chello player who will join us around 4pm, so I'm sure all your senses will be satisfied :-)
On the menu today there is a pasta with roasted vegetables, so no classic sauce, but a mix of slowly roasted vegetables in the oven with all their juices and flavours intact, real parmigiano on top!
Hope to c you this afternoon!

Friday, July 23, 2010

oiled up

Even though deep frying isn't one of the healthiest cooking techniques that crosses ones mind, there is something special and indulgent about food sizeling in hot oil not to mention the end result combination of crunchy texture on the outside and the softness of the ingredients inside.
I chose to prepare courgette beignets today, courgettes are first grated an then mixed in a soft dough, the mixture is then fried in hot oil. I promise to let them rest on a paper towel at least for one minute so most of the access fat doesn't end up on your plate :-) . There will be a yoghurt dressing with it some baked beans and fresh salad. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

saturday opening

The first official opening is so far! As you might know the mission of Our House is among others to promote the work of artists who's work we admire and respect! This saturday is the opening of Nono Pessoa, we will welcome you with a drink and have some delicious finger food, for the ones who will be visiting Our House for the first time to get the taste of what Our House is about :-)

Info for our regular customers, during the exhibition opening hours we won't serve food!
For the ones wishing to stay for dinner afterwards check for the menu tomorrow or latest saturday morning and give us a buzz!

Interview with the artist Nono Zaza Pessoa :

Nono sais :

'My work process can best be described as overpainting; images are put on top of each other, intention and context are subject to continuous change, to result in remnants that only refer to this which used to be the catalyst but is disappeared by now.

Construction and genesis remain visible or - even more - ; are afterwards explicitly - as a fraud - conjoint. The works are eclectic, built from images which show a wide variety in character, though, communicate together.

The theme lies not so much within the depicted but utters rather implicit. Figurative or abstract; both ways one can speak of abstraction.

Nothing is communicated, action is nowhere to perceive. The depicted is not more than a cover-up for the narration which plays beneath the surface.'

Other comment about Nono :

'Painting, over-painting and the elimination of the painted picture are of primary importance and provide the work with a layered structure. Nono Pessoa knows the right balance, like the abstract she combines flawless with the figurative, or assembles angular with organic lines. In doing so she postulates an antithesis to result at last in a surprisingly modern synthesis, which carries the tradition of the past with itself:
A traditionally painted landscape gets contemporary (re)interpreted by painting rather large white flowers on and over the landscape, where one flower seems to be erased at the last moment, or by putting a rectangular blank area-is it broken ice?- under the work. In one of her works on which she has painted a wallpaper pattern, a black field looms.
Something which normally does not grasp our attention, Pessoa enlarges. The foreground becomes background and vice-versa. Pessoa proves that she reflects on the role painting and its techniques can play nowadays. Therefore she is not guilty of false aesthetics but breaks through the seductive illusionistic character of painting by removing the aura, embracing the crisis and revealing what lies under each layer of paint.'

website Nono :

filled with LOVE

image by Bansky

running late this morning, I'm preparing filled zuchini with chickpeas and other vegetables, roasted in the oven and served with fresh tabouleh!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

for all the princesses among us

It is the season of the fresh peas, sweet, crunchy, lush, green, and we all need something sweet and lush from time to time. I chose to make today somewhat italian classis with a twist. We'll serve tagliatelle in a creamy, gorgonzola sauce, with two sorts of mushrooms ans sweet peas, seasoned with pepper and fresh sage leaves.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

protein pack

today I will pack some light pancakes with kidney beans, eggplant, peppers and soft melting cheese, finished under a layer of creme fraiche in the oven. Kidney beans are one of the most important potein source in a vegetarian diet, so after the meal you can all hit the gym :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

potato friday

hi there,
we had a great day yesterday, food was a great success and there are more and more people discovering why is it so good to be here :-)
I will prepare today 16.7. friday, fried potato cakes with melted goat cheese on top and fattoush. For ones who are not familiar with it fattoush is a classic lebanese salad made of cucumbers, tomato, peppers and pitta bread soaked in red wine vinegar. Great combination with fried food. Usually it is served with falafel, but I thought lets do belgo-lebanese combo to make it slightly more exiting :-)
If you plan to come in the early evening please make a reservation to secure the table!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


hi there, the Our House week is again in front of the door, we calculate time now in Our House time, and work week time :-)
Tomorrow, on thursday I will make a pasta with eggplant, mint,capers and feta , as you can c even this storm is not going to spoil our southern spirit.
please make a reservation if you are with more people, thx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

going south

it feels like one of those countries where the heat is not only showing on the scales, but where the heat is also shown in the character and nature of the people, food, cars and colours, we are welcoming you today with a warm (of course vegetarian) ;-) tagine served with couscous, or you can opt for a chilled but slightly spicy gazpacho that will tangle two senses at the same time...
Please note that finished is finished so if you want to make sure not to miss the party
please call Jos and make a reservation.