Monday, May 16, 2011

sliding doors or time for a change

Sometimes in life you have to listen to signals that you can't completely comprehend. Well we are in this sort of position. Giving it a serious thought we decided to stop the activities of Our House in the form they were in till now. We would like to thank everybody who has been supportive and enthousiastic in the last year, it meant a lot to us and we enjoyed doing what we were doing. You can still hire us for catering and we will organise different events but Our House is not going to function as a restaurant anymore.

Having announced this I would also like to invite you to two events organised in Our House. First one is Our Creative House,on 28th and 29th of may, where you can get to know the work of five talented designers and artists, and purchase something if you like. We will also be serving tapas and cocktails .

On June 4th, Our House will be invaded by Crudo Cafe, and will become a raw food meca. Please react fast because the seats are limited. You can find more information on it on crudo facebook.

Said all this our blog we continue to exist and will cover more topics then just food, so check it out regularly to see where are we heading to.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Half Half by Studio Lali from 7pm at Our House

Hello everybody, an update on somewhat unusual WE scheadule at Our House. As some of you might already know we are having an exhibition opening of a super talented illustrator Magali Elali from Studio lali, exhibition is called Half Half, the name reflecting Magali's half Congolese background, and the colourful work inspired by her personal experiences as a mixed race child. Please join us this evening from 7pm for this celebration of differences!
For the rest of the weekend OurHouse is on saturday fully booked, and for the rest of the weekend spreading its wings in Gent doing catering for a book presentation. Thx for bearing with us, next week we will be on our old scheadule. Jos & Sandro

Thursday, April 21, 2011

summer in the city

The summer temperatures we are experiencing last couple of days call for an immediate culinary response. Even though we are far away from summer, lets face it, knowing Belgium, this might be it so let's enjoy it while it lasts.
Each April in India there is a big Aravani festival. Aravani, is an indian name for the third sex. Transexual community in India has a recorded history of more then thousand years. Many consider Aravanis to posses special powers allowing them to determine the fate of the others, as such they are not only revered but also despised and feared. Many of them are excluded from the society, and turn to sex work to earn their living.
The annual transgender festival in the village of Koovagam, near Vilappuram, offers an escape from this often desolate existence.
The young "lady" on our picture is obviously a free styler, evidence that India is also moving forward.
So our indian summer menu includes a chilled cucumber, wallnut, yoghurt soup followed by Bhajas, indian potato cakes served with Raita and chutney.
By the way, Our House terrace is open, and our infamous Mojitos are again here to help you kill that thirst!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"fry" me to the moon

how about taking a  flight with Our House Airline to the land of contrasts? One of our lovely hostesses that usually operates on our weekly flight to St.Tropez, will be serving on board a contradictory pasta, tossed in a fragrant tomato sauce finished off with deep fried eggplant and courgette, feta and fresh spring onions. Just before landing in your bed you can enjoy our classic apple crumble! Captain is still contemplating on the starter, but he assured us he will not dissapoint you.
Limited places on this one off sunday evening flight!

Friday, April 15, 2011

fully booked and buzzing around

a short announcement, this evening we are fully booked,  concerning tomorrow, saturday april 15th we still have few places left, if you are in a mood for a spring vegetable pie as a starter, and tagliatelle  with a sage wallnut pesto as the main course, why not give a buzz, or send a mail :-)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

summ it up before the summer

As some of you might know we've been away for a week, to a lovely Fuerteventura that reminded me much more of a first english settlement on the moon then a spanish isle. The weather was much more summery though then any british july and august will ever get I suppouse. Hoping for some spanish culinary inspiration, we literaly and metaphoricaly ended up short sleeved. Our hopes melted away after first Indian Tandoori place, followed by Tex Mex steak house, and not to be missed Hong Kong Palace that we came along.
We returned nevertheless with a sweet taste of summer and wanting more. That's why our menu tonight is tinted with the best southern hues and flavours I could think of.
Start it off with puff pastry taartles, topped with artisjokes, onions, black olives and red onions, then you can move on to a duo of a red and yellow peppers filled with risoni pasta and mozarella, and there will be a dessert as well which I'm not sure yet how to incorporate any olives in yet :-) just a joke!

Friday, April 1, 2011

hot pants

We are serving this evening a lovely chili with bits and pieces, to make the heat bearable, you can also have a starter, rice fritters with a dip sauce, and finish it off with a crumble!
Still few places left