Sunday, November 14, 2010

silly billy and a young intruder


There was something strange in the air yesterday, besides all the gallons of rain, somehow everybody seamed to be slightly out of focus, and the communication was everything but working. It also seemed to be a day that lasted three days, even though nothing got done. Nevertheless we survived all in the future street and are embracing the day. 
In our neighbors backyard there is a huge tree, last two days there's been a single bird sitting almost on top of it, same spot, two days long, seemed she's been observing me, and I've been observing her. Do birds usually sit on a tree when the rain pours down or they look for a shelter? This morning the bird is gone.
Nono's works are gone, the walls look empty and deserted, in two weeks we have another artist, you'll all be informed on time to join us for the opening. 
The photograph above is by Amy Stein, I will ask her if she wants to exhibit at Our House :-) not sure what  she will think about that but you never know, i will use my charm :-)
Bla bla bla, and finally tonight there are Penne with all sorts of things, olives, capers, mint, feta etc. :-) join us!

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