Friday, December 3, 2010

Alpine Dream

 Spencer Tunick

Last night we had some friends over that run a hotel in French Alps, talking about skiing, snow and all the pleasures and sorrows that a winter holiday can bring, altogether a very pleasant evening. My bad experience of walking down the slope with the skis on my shoulder couple of years ago, convinced me that skiing was invented for some other sort of people, who have, to me, incomprehensible urge of racing down the slopes faster then the average speed of a race car, bringing their and my life in danger. So I thought I will just stay away from those slopes, there are enough trees and innocent enthusiast that believe they will get infected by the same bug and next winter be the danger to others.
Not that I'm really a snow and winter lover, but there is something romantic and idyllic in staying inside of a chalet, warmed up, enjoying the hot chocolate, and browsing through Architectural Digest waiting for my man to return from the icy life threatening slopes.And if there would be a steaming hot outside pool, and a sauna, I would maybe even consider a ski holiday again once in my life.


Inspired by all this Alpine talk the choice fell on a Swiss recipe, noodles with mushrooms and savoy cabbage,  in a light white wine sauce, and served with some cherry tomatoes and plenty of smoked cheese. 
Join us for some Alpine dreaming!

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