Thursday, September 16, 2010

heart beat

Little pasta rolls, that can be filled with various fillings are called Canelloni, translated large reeds. You can fill them with all sort of stuff, very common ones are spinach with ricotta, in which case they are usually topped with a tomato sauce, or if they are filled with with a ragu sauce then they are topped with a bechamel sauce. In any case delicious.
Besides the anti-cancer properties that are associated with Brocolli, consumption of this vegetable has also been shown to  be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. Luckily road to Our House is just straight so you shouldn't have trouble finding us to try a meal that will make your heart beat faster.
This evening I will prepare Canelloni filled with Brocolli, walnuts and ricotta cheese, finished off in the oven under a layer of tomato sauce.

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