Thursday, September 9, 2010

second opinion

I haven't been feeling that well last couple of days, forgot how having a cold can be exhausting. Anyway I'm on my way to recovery and feeling already a lot better then a day or two ago. We had a plan B for tonight in case I wasn't ready to cook, Jos would have cooked a meal that he likes very much, and our dear friend would help him serve. At the end I will stand in the kitchen, but will still make the dish that Jos planed to make. It is an unusual but super delicious pasta, that he introduced to me at the beginning of our relationship. At that time we were still meat eaters, and one of the ingredients were meat balls. Basically it is a pasta with a creamy sauce,made of grated courgettes, grain mustard and lots of chopped parsley, to substitute the meat balls I thought of some nuts, to add the texture. It is an unbelievably delicious dish!
Having a soul mate, life companion, husband or however you prefer to call it is a great thing!

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