Thursday, April 21, 2011

summer in the city

The summer temperatures we are experiencing last couple of days call for an immediate culinary response. Even though we are far away from summer, lets face it, knowing Belgium, this might be it so let's enjoy it while it lasts.
Each April in India there is a big Aravani festival. Aravani, is an indian name for the third sex. Transexual community in India has a recorded history of more then thousand years. Many consider Aravanis to posses special powers allowing them to determine the fate of the others, as such they are not only revered but also despised and feared. Many of them are excluded from the society, and turn to sex work to earn their living.
The annual transgender festival in the village of Koovagam, near Vilappuram, offers an escape from this often desolate existence.
The young "lady" on our picture is obviously a free styler, evidence that India is also moving forward.
So our indian summer menu includes a chilled cucumber, wallnut, yoghurt soup followed by Bhajas, indian potato cakes served with Raita and chutney.
By the way, Our House terrace is open, and our infamous Mojitos are again here to help you kill that thirst!

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  1. There are many MANY in the cities, and they can be REALLY vicious, a little like some queens in the west too I guess. :-)