Thursday, April 14, 2011

summ it up before the summer

As some of you might know we've been away for a week, to a lovely Fuerteventura that reminded me much more of a first english settlement on the moon then a spanish isle. The weather was much more summery though then any british july and august will ever get I suppouse. Hoping for some spanish culinary inspiration, we literaly and metaphoricaly ended up short sleeved. Our hopes melted away after first Indian Tandoori place, followed by Tex Mex steak house, and not to be missed Hong Kong Palace that we came along.
We returned nevertheless with a sweet taste of summer and wanting more. That's why our menu tonight is tinted with the best southern hues and flavours I could think of.
Start it off with puff pastry taartles, topped with artisjokes, onions, black olives and red onions, then you can move on to a duo of a red and yellow peppers filled with risoni pasta and mozarella, and there will be a dessert as well which I'm not sure yet how to incorporate any olives in yet :-) just a joke!

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