Saturday, August 28, 2010


The story of the Tower of Babel where all the people of the world come together to build a giant tower that would reach the heaven is for me, personally one of the most outlandish and compelling stories that I read in the Bible. God, seeing this tower as a dedication to worship the kingdom of man rather than His own, afraid that united we could reach any goal, confused the languages of the people and scattered them across the planet, thereby creating the multitude of cultures that exist today.
In my opinion the wealth that we shall nourish and cherish, and use as an inspiration, but at the same time should remember what Aesop taught us United we stand, divided we fall.
Our House is serving today small vegetable towers, made up of stacked grilled aubergine, paprika and fennel, with layers of cheese in between them, there will be a fragrant lentils salad with it and some tabbouleh.

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