Thursday, August 12, 2010

i know where the summer goes

photography Ryan McGinley

if Our House would be on the boat, we could all take it and sail away following the summer. Strongest summer memories, the ones that we were not kids anymore, and just not yet adults. Exploring the freedom, dreaming of future, when everything seemed easy and nothing could scare us.
Barchette di zucchini ripieni is a classis italian dish usualy stuffed with minced meat and cheese, it literally translates small boats stuffed courgettes, hint the resemblence of a halfed courgette to a small boat ;-) I will be stuffing them with tofu, lentils,mushrooms, nuts, peppers and mix of italian cheeses, yes and there will be some rice with it. You could basically stuff it with anything as long as it makes you happy :-)
You should check the site of Ryan McGinley, his work is everything i love about photography, and yes, I stole the title of today's post from a title of his exhibition too.

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