Thursday, October 28, 2010

a new project?

The knitting has been quite popular lately, they do it on trains, sundays, evenings, before the shows,  parties, while walking a dog, or watching after their herd of sheep. I guess it is finally cool to knit, even though the children in the sweatshops in India and China might think different. Next time you fall off your feet in one of those stores that sell 100% cashmere sweaters for 29.99 that are so hard to resist, try to think who in the production chain got screwed up and why not take up knitting yourself. I know you don't have time, but while you are looking after your sheep you can easily finish up the whole front of the sweater and half of the sleeve :-)
There is a great project that I discovered couple a days ago through a friend, called urban knitting, it is just amazing what they all created, go and have a look ! 
Love the idea og making this world a more pleasant place trough such an old craft.
All this knitting intro leads to Our House menu for today, it is a Shephards Pie, we had it on the menu couple of months ago and the reactions were more then positive, so it is the time for a second edition. I discovered that they make a very similar dish in the Middle East, so the one of today will be a slightly oriental version with possibly some mint and we'll see what else.
See you this evening!

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