Wednesday, October 13, 2010

warming up

yes I've been lazy and out of focus last week, only one single post, not worth mentioning, even my moustache project has failed which doesn't mean I won't try again . Only excuse I have is called Croatian Distraction, my little sis had been visiting and we had a great time together, talking, walking, shopping... and she was a great help in Our House as well.
Anyway, she is gone, and two of us are all warmed up for the new week, we will try to look a bit more decent then the two gentlemen on the photograph :-)
You wouldn't believe it but I even know what is on the menu tomorrow, I'm preparing already an Our House classic by now, and that is Chili sin Carne, the ones who haven't tried it yet please do not hesitate, the heath of the chillies is just perfect for these chilly evenings, i guarantee you that you'll get warmed up :-)

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