Thursday, July 22, 2010

saturday opening

The first official opening is so far! As you might know the mission of Our House is among others to promote the work of artists who's work we admire and respect! This saturday is the opening of Nono Pessoa, we will welcome you with a drink and have some delicious finger food, for the ones who will be visiting Our House for the first time to get the taste of what Our House is about :-)

Info for our regular customers, during the exhibition opening hours we won't serve food!
For the ones wishing to stay for dinner afterwards check for the menu tomorrow or latest saturday morning and give us a buzz!

Interview with the artist Nono Zaza Pessoa :

Nono sais :

'My work process can best be described as overpainting; images are put on top of each other, intention and context are subject to continuous change, to result in remnants that only refer to this which used to be the catalyst but is disappeared by now.

Construction and genesis remain visible or - even more - ; are afterwards explicitly - as a fraud - conjoint. The works are eclectic, built from images which show a wide variety in character, though, communicate together.

The theme lies not so much within the depicted but utters rather implicit. Figurative or abstract; both ways one can speak of abstraction.

Nothing is communicated, action is nowhere to perceive. The depicted is not more than a cover-up for the narration which plays beneath the surface.'

Other comment about Nono :

'Painting, over-painting and the elimination of the painted picture are of primary importance and provide the work with a layered structure. Nono Pessoa knows the right balance, like the abstract she combines flawless with the figurative, or assembles angular with organic lines. In doing so she postulates an antithesis to result at last in a surprisingly modern synthesis, which carries the tradition of the past with itself:
A traditionally painted landscape gets contemporary (re)interpreted by painting rather large white flowers on and over the landscape, where one flower seems to be erased at the last moment, or by putting a rectangular blank area-is it broken ice?- under the work. In one of her works on which she has painted a wallpaper pattern, a black field looms.
Something which normally does not grasp our attention, Pessoa enlarges. The foreground becomes background and vice-versa. Pessoa proves that she reflects on the role painting and its techniques can play nowadays. Therefore she is not guilty of false aesthetics but breaks through the seductive illusionistic character of painting by removing the aura, embracing the crisis and revealing what lies under each layer of paint.'

website Nono :

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